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Abyssal Void (Unlit Unity Shader)

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Abyssal Void (Unlit Unity Shader)

Xan the Dragon // Eti the Spirit
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The Abyssal Void Shader was originally designed as a means of allowing a pitch black body to be seen over itself by adding a slight, almost imperceptible violet edge glow.

I made it for my purchased copy of Sillurgy's "Abyssal Rapace V3" (awesome model, by the way), but through later experimentation, it was discovered that this shader works quite well on really any matte black avatars, and can really create a unique look and feel for a general "void avatar" style. As a result, I have chosen to release this for free!

Note that because this is a thematic shader (there is one look and feel for my rendition of void), there are no customization options. You are welcome to make changes if you so desire, but this requires editing raw HLSL code. If you don't know how, ask a programmer friend how to do it (tell them it involves editing a static constant to change color and/or a single line of math to change the thickness / brightness), or ask me. You can find ways of contacting me on my website.


The models used in the pictures can be found here:

Performance Implications:

You can safely use this on large models; performance losses only occur in extremes (other things will cause lag well before this does, simply put).


This shader works great when:

  • The avatar has no large areas of bright color that may cause the focus of the viewer to change
  • The avatar is as dark as possible
  • The avatar has sharp angles over a short distance; less large, flat surfaces.

This shader struggles when:

  • The avatar has a lot of bright colors
  • The world ambient color is not a color that provides contrast to the dark violet tones
  • The shader is applied to a texture with colors brighter than pitch black (#000000) - the violet applies additively, and so it will be drowned out by other colors.

Abyssal Void (Unlit VRChat Avatar Shader) © 2022 by Xan // Eti is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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