Personal Wisp / Spirit Light (VRChat / ChilloutVR)

Xan the Dragon // Eti the Spirit
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Are you a spirit that needs someone by your side? Do you wish to extend your Light and create a new entity? Maybe you simply wish to be followed by one of the most powerful friends you can earn in the forest? It's not my concern. You want it? It's yours my friend!

This contains a prefab wisp that features handwritten HLSL code so that it looks just about as perfect as I could get it. Writing shaders is always such a blast, and the results can be very beautiful.

Setup is simple: Just refer to the instructions page (click here) and you'll have a wisp in no time. Pay what you want (or just take it), but if you like my work, please consider donating! It would mean the world to me.

Don't forget to leave a review so that other folks can see the quality (or lack of it) in my work! If you have something to tell me, you can find dozens of ways to contact me on my website, including Discord, Twitter, and my public e-mail.


The wisp has limited customization, as follows:

  • Full color customization, and a brightness slider
    • This has bloom, but it's not HDR bloom - the color is not brighter than white, and so any world post processing shouldn't interfere with your settings (there may be an edge case where it can still happen though, such as if the world creator set the threshold less than 1.0f).
    • The color option is marked as HDR, and if you do not animate the brightness, you should set it to 1 and use the HDR color instead. Despite being marked as an HDR color, as mentioned earlier it will not apply to bloom post processing effects. It is only marked as HDR so that the color fading with brightness can be emulated more realistically.
  • Effect scale slider (see the instructions page for how this works, tl;dr change both the model scale and this value to be the same)

Terms Of Use

Personal Wisp is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

tl;dr Don't claim you made this, don't claim I endorse or approve of anything you made that contains it as a component, but feel free to post anything that has the prefab, and feel free to do commissions (even paid) that include it in the client's avatar. You can also post modifications of it, but you have to give me my credit and you need to use the same license too.

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Personal Wisp / Spirit Light (VRChat / ChilloutVR)

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